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Rowland Psychology is committed to helping you obtain the service that is right for you. The options below list our primary modes of treatment. Please feel free to contact us directly by phone or email for more information.


Individual counseling services are available for children, adolescents, and adults. Typically, individual counseling consists of regularly scheduled sessions to work on presenting problems one-on-one. For children and adolescents, parents should expect to be actively involved in treatment.

Couples/Marital counseling services are available for couples struggling to agree or dealing with other relational problems. We meet with the couple to determine goals for therapy and works with them to facilitate understanding and peace within the relationship.


Psychological evaluations are available for all ages and can be very helpful for identifying the source of emotional, behavioral, cognitive, or relational problems. A psychological evaluation includes two to three appointments during which we meet with you to determine the question to be answered, administer appropriate testing instruments, and provide you with a report outlining results including diagnosis and treatment recommendations.


Assessments for children/adolescents help answer a variety of questions including:


Why is my child performing poorly in school?

Does my child have a learning disability?

Why does my child have behavioral/emotional problems?

Why does discipline seem to have no affect on my child?

Does my child have ADHD, Autism, or another mental health condition?

My child has endured a traumatic event. How has his experience affected him?

Why is my child not responding to counseling?

Assessments for adults are useful for answering the following questions:

Why do I have so many problems getting along with others?

Why do I have problems controlling my anger?

I take psychotropic medications for depression, anxiety, etc., but they're not working. Why?

Why is counseling not working for me?

Do I have ADHD, a learning disability, or another mental health condition?

I'm having memory problems that feel more severe than normal aging. Could I be developing dementia?

I've had a significant head injury. How has this affected my cognitive functioning?

What job or career would best suit my abilities and interests?






Credit Card

Blue Cross Blue Shield


Medicaid (some plans)


We are happy to provide you with the required information to bill your

insurance company for reimbursement of services if we are unable to directly bill your insurance company on your behalf.

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